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The Pure Digital Evoke Radio Range

Evoke 1XT Prestige

Based on the award-winning EVOKE-1XT, the world’s most popular DAB digital radio, EVOKE-1XT Prestige combines unparalleled craftsmanship, design and technology to create a uniquely refined, luxurious radio with an air of exclusivity.

EVOKE-1XT Prestige supports DAB Band III, DAB L-Band and FM so you can listen wherever you are, even in remote areas of the UK and abroad. EVOKE-1XT Prestige also has a USB connector, ensuring that whenever new features become available your radio can always be kept up to date.

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Evoke 1S Cherry

EVOKE-1S is the third generation of the iconic EVOKE family of DAB digital radios, and delivers a host of new features and improvements over its predecessors.

Also includes an auxiliary input for your iPod or MiniDisc player, PURE’s revolutionary Intellitext® and textSCAN™ and FM with RDS for areas with reduced DAB coverage.

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Evoke 1S Maple

EVOKE-1S is the third generation of the iconic EVOKE family of DAB digital radios, and delivers a host of new features and improvements over its predecessors.

Features a striking new OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display offers crystal-clear readability from any angle, and manual or automatic brightness control for optimum clarity.

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Evoke 1XT Marshall

EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition mixes the legendary style of the world’s leading guitar amplifiers, the classic content of the UK’s leading rock digital radio station, and PURE’s iconic EVOKE-1XT DAB radio.

For max sound quality EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition has a full-range speaker with custom designed 3" drive unit and active-filters to provide a natural ‘direct-from-the-studio’ sound. Bass performance is enhanced by a tuned bass reflex port.

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Evoke 2XT

The multi-award winning EVOKE-2xt boasts refined audio fidelity with hi-fi quality drive units and active audio filtering. There is also a handy clock display, a radio/tone alarm, kitchen timer and the ability to connect your iPod, CD or MiniDisc player.

Rediscover your favourite radio stations with the Evoke 2XT DAB radio! The radio has digital audio quality thanks to the DAB technology that gives the radio stations CD quality sound. The Evoke 2XT radio enables you to preselect up to 6 stations. Its LCD screen displays all the information about the stations.

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Evoke 3

From the world leaders in DAB radio comes EVOKE-3, the most advanced digital radio in the world. Packed with features to make listening more pleasurable and more convenient, EVOKE-3 combines innovation with class-leading sound quality.

EVOKE-3’s new features are easily accessible via an intuitive menu system and six-line graphical display. View Electronic Programme Guide listings for seven days, choose the programmes you like, set multiple record times and EVOKE-3 will record over 15 hours of radio to SD memory card.* Or play MP3s from the SD card if you prefer. And if your DAB listening is interrupted you can pause and rewind live radio using the PURE ReVu™ feature.

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Evoke Flow

With a glossy black chassis the Pure Evoke Flow has that cool and sophisticated edge above other internet radios. This glossy tone is punctuated with a large graphical OLED display. This is easy to read and the light sensor dims and accentuates the display according to your current light conditions. The touch-sensitive buttons make volume control and other functions a breeze, while a 3.5mm headphone jack allows for just that, or even a second Pure speaker.

The Pure Evoke Flow has been hailed as the worlds first truly connected radio. Offering you more choice sporting not only internet, but DAB and FM tuners

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